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Pull on your walking shoes to discover the lesser-known Czech Republic.

The national railway company of the Czech Republic is known as the České dráhy or the Czech Railways in English. The Czech Republic has over 9,000 km of railway network. Train tickets for trains operating in the Czech Republic can be booked in advance. International trains connect the Czech Republic with neighbouring countries such as Germany and Poland. Book train tickets to visit main cities of Czech Republic by train. Czech Republic cities including Prague, Břeclav and Ostrava are all served by trains.


Everyone’s heard of the splendour of Prague, but enjoy the city delights beyond the capital city and you’re seeing the true Czech Republic. Hop on the České dráhy (Czech Railways) trains from Prague’s train station Hlavní nádraží, to experience this fledgling country built on ancient lands. Cities at the top of your list should include České Budějovice, Liberec and České Kladno.


Dramatic castles sporadically line the Czech landscape just awaiting your investigation. If you’re looking for some action take the train from Prague or Liberec to the Krkonoše or ’Giant Mountains’ – perfect for skiing, hiking and mountain biking.

Take Home

Stock up on good-value Bohemian crystal, china, wooden toys, marionettes, garnets, jantar (amber) and antiques, you can pick them up all over the Czech Republic.

Eat & Drink

Dumplings and sauerkraut are the delicious traditional fare. Klobasa (sausage) varies from region to region and is a tasty accompaniment to the many Czech beers on offer. If you’re fancying something a little stronger try Absinth, but best to stick with one!

New Perspective

A booze cruise with a difference – take a train south of the Czech Republic to Moravia and cycle the Moravian Wine Trails. Stop off at the vineyards to sample the wines at the historic villages of Mikulov and Valtice.

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